#1 Cx Tracker

360° customer experience & feedback tracking solution.

Measure and Monitor your service performance and customers’ feedback with CMILES using intuitive and interactive data analytics.

Make Better Decisions

Pinpoint issues and uncover causes with ease, and take improvement decisions

Up To 90% Better Than Ordinary Survey

Using Familiar Emojis Has Proven An Efficient Cx Tracking Hit Rate (Up To 90%) Compared To The Ordinary Surveying Approaches

Earn Customers Loyalty

Increase your
customers’ loyalty

CMILES Features

Customized Branding

Real Time Adding Questions

Editing Questions Types

Adding Different Locations

Features Customization

Dashboard Data Analytics

Receive Instant Angry Customers Notifications

API Integration

Generate Reports

Our Milestones

CMILES is the #1 App for understanding and gaining your customers’ loyalty.


800 clients in different industries


More than 25 million customer feedback collected


Covering 4 continents

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